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Joint Forces College

Those who get a chance to study in Cadet Colleges are very lucky and the nation expects them to take the country to new heights by utilizing their skills. The rule of Joint Forces College extend beyond academia because bookish knowledge is not sufficient to create an ideal human being. For this reason, Cadet Colleges keep on developing strong physical, mental, ethical, spiritual and social capabilities of the young learners. To achieve this, we arrange co-curricular  activities to equip our cadets with the skills necessary to confront future challenges of the nation. Cadets are especially trained to make them competent enough to serve the armed forces and other national institutions and are playing important roles in other key fields like civil administration, diplomacy, politics, banking and finance, teaching, media, journalism, law and medicine. Cadet Colleges are undoubtedly a hallmark of offering quality education and churning out brilliant and well disciplined people.

Chairman Board of Governors

Commander Suhaib Farooq is a PAF and Naval Aviation Pilot having his flying instructional and aviation ground training degrees from Royal Naval College Portsmouth England. In 1998 turned to a business man and specialize in raising educational institutions. He has raised 16 very successful colleges till date
and manage 25 colleges of his family concern apart from many charity schools plus he raised a security company. He established a FM Radio Station in Jhang.

He was elected twice Nazim of Jhang and then lost an election of MNA against Dr. Tahir ul Qadri and Molana Azam Tariq on the ticket of PML. He was awarded Sitara e Eesar by President of Pakistan for raising 200 new houses, mosque and school in earthquake hit area of Batgraam on charity basis. Commonwealth countries organization in special ceremony gave him an award by declaring him Ambassador of peace. At present he is head of trainings of Rotary international and president of chamber of commerce and small industries Jhang.

Joint Forces College

Board of Governors

College is being run by the Board of Governors having Pakistan Armed Forces Senior Officers
and seasoned Educationists who develop and implant the specially designed trainings and educational curriculum for the cadets. Lt. Commander (Retd) Suhaib Farooq is the Chairman
Board of Governors.

Joint Forces

Name Designation Name Designation
Lt. Commander (Retd) Suhaib Farooq
Khuzaema Ghuhar Siddiqui (Barrister)
Muhammad Naveed Iqbal (Educationist)
Mughira bin Suhaib (Businessman)
Mrs. Sara Suhaib (MD Imam Ghazali Academia)
Khubaib Farooq
Asia Naveed (Educationist)
Zowaib Farooq
Muhammad Musab Naveed (Educationist)
Abuzar Suhaib
Muhammad Saim Naveed (Educationist)
Abeeha Naveed (Educationist)
Commander Trainings
Honorary Member