Academics System

Joint Forcs College Jhang follows two academic systems as it is affiliated with 2 different systems as follows.

  1. Cambridge Academic System.
  2. BISE, Faisalabad.

Premilitary Exercises

  1. Command & Leadership Exercises
  2. Recci Exercises
  3. Aggressive Exercises
  4. Defensive Exercises
  5. Night Fighting Exercises
  6. Desert Exercises (warm weather)
  7. Snow Exercises (cold weather)
  8. Sustainability Exercises
  9. Camping Out
  10. Route Marching Exercises
  11. Foot Drill Exercises
  12. Arm drill Exercises
  13. Assault Exercises

Physical Education


  1. Morning PT (Physical Exercise)
  2. Running
  3. Exercises
  4. Stamina Build up
  5. Athletics
  6. Games




Lawn Tennis


7: Riding School

8: Swimming

9: Gymnasium

10: Snow Skiing

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities are part of parcel of academics resulting from different inter-house events that promote health competition among the students. These activities include Sports, Debates, Essay writing, Quiz, Naat & Qirat.

Declamation Society:

Debating Society helps the student polish their intellect and communication skills. Under its control ‘All Pakistan Inter collegiate/ Schools English Debate Competition is regularly held at the college in which teams of debaters from all over Pakistan take part. This activity motivates the students to have the skill of public speaking. As a result, our students have bagged many positions for the college.

Military Excursion & Educational Trips

Excursion trips are arranged every year to lighten the strenuous and hectic routine of studies. These trips not only provide recreating to the students but also enhance their observation. Education trips are also arranged according to the requirement of the curriculum and the agree range of student.

College Magazine

The college encourages the growing minds through college magazine to have their self-expression. The editorial board welcomes those genuine contributors who possess a special flair for writing providing a diverse issue, ranging from social stagnation to intellectual upheaval. By doing so, they develop confidence and a sense of awareness of the unexplored territories of the world and human psyche.


A quarterly news bulletin of the college published so that the parents and students are well-informed about the important events and items of news etc.


Annual Parents Day, Annual Sports Day, Annual Debates & Parents Get Together are the prominent features of the college. These functions give an outlet to the students for the outburst of their hidden capabilities to appear in the form of amazing talents and creativeness which are essentials of at a healthy and growing personality.

Dramatic Club

Dramatic club plays a pivotal role to stage the performance of artists which comes to the limelight through functions like annual parent’s day, golden night, funfair & farewells.



A well-stocked library as a pocket of mental edification is serving for the students. It is well-equipped with computers, internet facility, latest books, journals, and a rich reservoir of Cds, DVDs, Magazines, newspapers and reports of national and international interest. To broaden their vistas of knowledge, the students have access to it from 8:00 A.M. To 3:00 P.M.

Computer Lab:-

The Computer lab, cater to the needs of not only the cadets but also others. A variety of software packages are available including word processors, spreadsheets, databases and high level languages.

Science Labs:-

Three science labs (physics, Chemistry, and Biology) are located in the College. They are spacious enough, well-equipped and up to the requirements of Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Faisalabad and Cambridge University (O-Level and A-Level). Every year Board authorities officially select them for practical exams.

Multimedia Projector:-

Educational resources are being fully utilized and exploited online with Cambridge University demands through which audio-video aids become the integral feature of pedagogically taught teaching material. A multimedia projector has been installed in the main computer lab in this regard. Occasionally, this facility is used to show films relevant to their syllabus to O’ Level students and also in training the teacher.


College bookshop not only provided the books, items of stationery but also the uniform and Photostat/ photocopying facilities to the students at competitive/ reduced price.

Evening Preps:-

For Cadets two evening preps are the routine feature of the college under the supervision of housemasters & teachers residing on the campus.  Extra tuitions are also given when ever needed.

Remedial Classes:-

Students can be detained for extra classes so that the weaker ones may improve and the others further be polished and trained through tests and extra hard work etc.

Medical Sick Bay:-

Joint Forces College Jhang has a fully equipped one bedded medical rich bay along with a qualified medical assistant available round the clock. There are three medical specialist doctors available on call. Cadets under goes a detail medical check up twice a year.


Cadets have been provided excellent messing facilities. In addition to dinning facility the mess has been advised to provide recreational facilities also.


Joint Forces College Jhang has a spacious building of cafeteria .Cafeteria committee makes sure that food stuff is fresh and hygienically handled and sold out according to the price list approved by the college.

Travelling Facilities:-

During breaks & vacation the college administration ensures booking of seats as well as reception & dispersal of students coming from different parts of the country.


Joint Forces College Jhang has its own well equipped fitness Centre. Fitness class is part of cadet’s daily routine.

Riding School:-

Joint Forces College Jhang is equipped by breed horses from Pakistan Army Remount Depot. Proper equipment including saddles, bridles, helmets and riding shoes are available. Ex Army riding instructors are hired as instructors to give proper riding training during the sports period.

Evening Games:-

Evening games including hockey, cricket, football, volleyball, basketball, badminton, lawn tennis & Table-tennis are regularly conducted under the control of coaches for the cadets.

lush green Grounds:-
     Cricket Ground
     Football Ground
     Hockey Ground

There are three grounds, having cricket turfs of international standard. Football & Hockey grounds are equipped with under ground electric and water supply has been provided and alluvial soil spread all round the grounds. This facility is unique in district Jhang and is being availed for inter-district, division and country level matches.

Computerized college Management system:-

All the offices are equipped with Server-based networked computers. Computerized College Management System covers the Accounts, Inventory, Examination and Admission systems.

Computerized Examination Papers & Results:-

The college has further ameliorated the examination system by printing out computerized examination papers and results which speaks of the fact that computer technology is being made use of befittingly to fulfill the demands of modern age.