Rules & Regulations

Visiting Hours:

Saturday Sunday Other Days
17:00 hours to 18:00 hours
09:00 hours to 11:30 hours
15:00 hours to 17:00 hours
  • Parents/guardians can visit their wards as per schedule.
  • Cadets are not allowed to invite their relatives/guests, in the Cafeteria or in College Boarding.


Mobiles Phones:
Mobile phone is strictly prohibited on campus. In case of an emergency, students are allowed to use the college phones with prior approval.

Rising bell for cadets is given at 4:30am since then till lights off at night, every cadet wears 6 different types of uniforms prescribed differently for each activity.  The purpose is to teach them the manners of different activities of the modern world

  • PT Kit (During Morning PT)
  • Khaki Dress (During Classes)
  • Prayer Dress (White ShalwarQameez, White Cap with Black Waistcoat)
  • Dinner Dress (Walking Out with Neck Tie & Blazer)
  • Sports Kit (During Evening )
  • Sleeping Dress
    Leave Discipline:

    Leave other than the holidays authorized by the college will not be granted except in very exceptional circumstances. No leave will be granted for attending weddings, except the wedding of real siblings. Name of Cadet absenting from College for seven consecutive days without a note of excuse from the parent, will be struck off the rolls. Cadets must bring formal leave application from parents and submit to college adjutant seeking Ex-post facto permission for leave.
    Pocket Money:

    Cadets are allowed to withdraw from their Saving Accounts Rs. 140/- weekly as pocket money. Any cash found over and above this would be confiscated and credited to the pocket money account of the cadet concerned. Parents are requested not to give or send any money to their sons.

General Instructions

  1. a)    Cadets must keep items of clothing, bedding & books listed in the hostel disciplinary rules updated from time to time.
    b)    Students suffering from contagious or infectious disease are not permitted to attend the college or stay in the hostel. Such students are sent   home after consulting the concerned physician. These cadets are to produce medical fitness certificate on their arrival after recovery.
    c)    Cadets may phone their parents once a week, on Saturday evening or Sunday morning.

Cadets  are  not  permitted  to  keep  the  following  in  the  college:-

a)      Transistor, Video games and electric appliances, personal Computer, Wireless Radio, T.V set, Walkman Set, etc are not allowed.
b)      Unauthorized medicines/ drugs.
c)       Money and valuables.
d)      Weapons of any kind.
e)      Cigarettes, Narcotics in any form.
f)       Matches, Burner, Heaters, etc.
g)      Musical instruments.

Accidents/ Mishaps

College will adopt all possible measures for the safeguard of all Cadets during their stay on the College Campus. However, the Colleges shall not be held responsible for any kind of accidents/mishaps causing any kind of physical harm or injury.

Week-End Leave

On every term there will be a fixed number of week-ends that cadet may avail. Parents/ Guardian are required to forward a leave application to the adjutant. Regarding their sons/wards at the beginning of each fortnight/week in writing or in person stating:

a)     Whether they would like their son/ward to spend his week-end-at-home with them or with relatives or friends.

b)     The name and address of the relative/friend with whom the boy will spend his weekends.

Suspension from the College

The Principal has full authority to fine, suspend or expel any student at any time he feels that student’s stay in the college is not in the best interest of the institution.

Cadets are liable to be withdrawn from the college due to following offences

a)     Cheating, lying, stealing, gambling and immoral conduct.
b)    Willfully and deliberately damaging the college property.
c)     Keeping fire-arms or knives etc.
d)     Breaking bounds.
e)     Rudeness to staff and seniors. Rude behavior of cadet’s parents towards staff.
f)     Absenting from the class and any other college activities without proper cause.
g)     Being habitually unpunctual, untidy and slovenly.
h)     Smoking, use of Narcotics in any form.